Paul Tyler
Paul Tyler
Creative Analyst & Moderator
It was the equivalent of doing three weeks of creative work into one three hour session.
— Creative Director Berthel Ravn Berthelsen, Eyeworks





I sit down with writers, producers and directors to work through the logic of their film, TV series, format or interactive piece. Together we map out the drives, dependencies, motives and relationships that define their characters, contributors or users. This process reveals the choices each will make, the values on which those choices are made and what’s really at stake. We set out where the project is right now, identify where they can develop and explore the ‘what if’s’. They walk away with real clarity, a better understanding of what their project is about and what they need to do next.

Worked on over 500 projects for more than 90 companies across 21 countries including: Anhui TV (CN), Ape&Bjørn (NO), BOOST (SE), Caligari Film (DE), DADIU (DK), Danish Film Institute (DK), EAVE (LU), Entertainment Master Class (DE), Eyeworks TV (DK), Hélicotronc (BE), Hunan TV (CN), Magic Hour Films (DK), Nordisk Talents (DK),  Power to the Pixel (UK), Pupkin Film (NL), Rat Pack Film (DE),  Smarthouse Films (NL), SOURCES 2 (DE),  STHLM Debut (SE), Submarine (NL), Turn East Media (CN), Venice Biennale College Cinema (IT), Warner Bros. (DK), Way Creative Films (SE) & Zhejiang TV (CN).

A scary and exciting process that I truly recommend to anyone who wants to know what their idea is, and more importantly why they want to give it life.
— Mads Damsbo Filmmaker & Co-founder & Partner at MAKROPOL
What you did in the session, conveying the essence of the project, others struggle to do with a 300 page strategy report.
— Ralf Lodberg, Executive Director and Partner, Advice A/S


Changing the way organisations deal with projects, strategy & policy. Work within corporate, public & cultural sectors to map the challenges and opportunities that make up the worlds in which they operate. I extract insights and explore, test and validate business models, value chains, pipelines, organisational set-ups, customer experiences and stakeholder relationships. Fast.

I've recently partnered with Erica Taylor who distils these takeaways into something immediately actionable. Erica's super power is to look at the revealed insights, to anticipate any friction and formulate it in such a way that makes it meaningful for implementation.

By combining our skills we offer extra value to the client. I reveal the inner workings of a world. Erica takes this new understanding to create a meaningful document with the client, one that makes sense to those that will need to act.

Adobe (UK), Alka (DK), Copenhagen Municipality (DK), Danish Refugee Council (DK), DOXBIO (DK), EUC Sjælland (DK), European Environment Agency (DK), European Training Foundation (IT), Kelloggs (IR), Lund University (SE), Mocial Trading (DK), Royal Academy of Arts (UK), Team Danmark (DK) & Wonderful Copenhagen (DK), 

Companies need tools to translate strategy into something meaningful - your tool does exactly that.
— Pernille Ernstved Rype, Senior Advisor, Advice A/S
An exceptional ability to engage the audience and an extraordinary knack for picking out and highlighting key insights.
— Daiana Fobian Nielsen, Co-founder, Danish Crowdsourcing


Twelve years in BBC television production and four years in theatre equipped me with a sharp and highly analytical editorial approach, whilst still maintaining a very British, dynamic, humuristic, and engaging tone. My aim is to seek out and illuminate the red thread; making you think and laugh at the same time.

Wonderful Copenhagen's Tomorrow's Urban Travel (DK) 2017, Creative Tastebuds (DK) 2017, The Financing Forum for Kids Content (SE) 2015, Crowd 15 (DK) 2015,  SPOT Interactive (DK) 2013, 2014 & 2015, SMART FIPA (FR) 2015, 2016, Power to the Pixel Think Tank (UK) 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Thanks for one of the best moderations I have seen in an event for a long time.
— Jan Martin Ahlers, Founder of Project 1 Million
You did an excellent job of hosting Crowd15 and I loved your touch of sarcastic British humor, kept people happy.
— Frederikke Antonie Schmidt, Creative Director, Roccamore

A bit of background

kokkinofoto 25.JPG

Nominated for a BAFTA (2005), BBC Creativity Award (2004) and Association of Online Publishers award (2005), went on to win the Prix Jeunesse (2006) web award for the BBC’s flagship cross-media show, BAMZOOKi, the show I originated, studio directed and produced.

2006 moved from London to Copenhagen. Building on twelve years of BBC television & digital production experience, I worked with international companies to develop media concepts.

Co-setup the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology’s Digital Concept Development graduate programme in 2010. I originate from London, now living and working out of Copenhagen and hold a BSc. (Hons) Physiology with the History and Theory of Art & Design.


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