Paul Tyler
Paul Tyler
Consultant & Moderator

80% of the solution is in how you see the problem.


If you’re writing a TV series, designing a new marketing campaign or refocusing your company’s vision, you’re working within a system.

If you’re defining policy, capturing best practice or innovating a new service, you’re working within a system.

If you’re organising a conference, negotiating a contract or lobbying a government, you’re working within a system.

Paul Tyler will help you take a systemic approach to solve whatever you’re doing.



Are you a writer, producer or designer with a project in development?

Stories are systems, made up of simple and complex relationships between both characters and worlds. Paul applies a systemic approach to get your project made. He’ll have you digging deep to identify the underlying mechanics that drive your story. He does it for film, TV series, entertainment formats and interactive media.

You’ll reveal the drives, dependencies and motives that define the fundamental relationships between characters, contributors or users. You’ll expose the choices each makes, the values on which those choices are made and identify what’s really at stake.

The process helps you to think more clearly about exactly where you and the project are right now and the direction in which you should go.

Paul can help when it comes to pitching your concept, pinpointing the key elements that make or break a presentation.

500+ projects   100+ companies   20+ countries

Anhui TV (CN), Ape&Bjørn (NO), Berlinale Talents (DE), BOOST (SE), Caligari Film (DE), CPH DOX (DK), Creative Europe (IRL & DE), DADIU (DK), Danish Film Institute (DK), DMJX (DK), EAVE (LU), Entertainment Master Class (DE), Eyeworks TV (DK), Filmværkstedet (DK), FORMATE AUS THÜRINGEN (DE), Hélicotronc (BE), Hunan TV (CN), Le Boost Camp (BE), Magic Hour Films (DK), Nordisk Talents (DK),  Power to the Pixel (UK), Pupkin Film (NL), Rat Pack Film (DE),  R/O Institute (BE), SADA (SE), Satore Studio (UK), Save our Scripts (UK), Smarthouse Films (NL), SOURCES 2 (DE),  STHLM Debut (SE), Submarine (NL), SuperRTL (DE), The Bureau (UK), The Danish Film School (DK), Turn East Media (CN), Venice Biennale College Cinema (IT), Warner Bros. (DK), Way Creative Films (SE) & Zhejiang TV (CN).

Paul’s technique of mapping was a turning point in the development of my project. It helped me to clearly see the unconscious hesitations I was holding towards my subject.
— Maryam Zaree, Writer 'The Art of Surviving'.
A scary and exciting process that I truly recommend to anyone who wants to know what their idea is, and more importantly why they want to give it life.
— Mads Damsbo Filmmaker & Co-founder & Partner at MAKROPOL
It was the equivalent of doing three weeks of creative work into one three hour session.
— Creative Director Berthel Ravn Berthelsen, Eyeworks


Developing a new campaign, product, service, policy or strategy?

Teams will struggle to develop anything useful without being on the same page. There must be common understanding of the challenges and opportunities that make up the systems in which you operate. If you don’t agree on such system complexity, you run the risk of failure.

Paul helps teams clarify, coordinate and harness understanding during the development of campaigns, products, services, policies and strategies, using a fast and proven mapping technique. The value for you is getting everybody onto that same page, unbelievably fast. Paul works with teams to map-out the way their organisations create, deliver and capture value. Pressing issues are exposed so that teams can design output that’s based on genuine, gathered insights.

By working within your system, any generated campaign, concept, product, service, policy or strategy, can be tested and validated.

2, 3 or 6 hour sessions for team members, project partners, customers, boards of directors, management teams, project groups or whole departments.

Adobe (UK), Coding Pirates (DK), Akademie für Kindermedien (DE), Copenhagen Municipality (DK), Danish Refugee Council (DK), DOXBIO (DK), EUC Sjælland (DK), European Children's Film Association (DE), European Environment Agency (DK), European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ES), European Training Foundation (IT), goAgile (DK), Global Biodiversity Information Facility (DK), HBO Nordic (DK), Hello Group (DK). ITK LAB City of Aarhus (DK), Kelloggs (IR), Lund University (SE), Mocial Trading (DK), Nordisk Film & TV Fond (NO), Reload (DK), Royal Academy of Arts (UK), Team Danmark (DK), Teknopol Nordic Startrack (SE), Warner Bros. (DK) & Wonderful Copenhagen (DK), 

Companies need tools to translate strategy into something meaningful - your tool does exactly that.
— Pernille Ernstved Rype, Senior Advisor, Advice A/S
The workshop landed up in an excellent place and sets us up nicely for next steps.
— Donald Hobern, Executive Secretary, Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Systemic intervention, as opposed to linear intervention, helps clients to help themselves. It’s a powerful instrument and the benefits cannot be described by words. They have to be experienced. Paul is able to get everyone around the table to the same point, no one is left behind.
— Thomas Hailer Berlinale Curator & Dramaturg, Head of Studies AKADEMIE FÜR KINDERMEDIEN
What you did in the session, conveying the essence of the project, others struggle to do with a 300 page strategy report.
— Ralf Lodberg, Executive Director and Partner, Advice A/S



Need a moderator or facilitator?

By seeing your event as one whole system, rather than simply a series of talks, Paul will generate more value for your audience, for your speakers and therefore you. Twelve years in BBC television production and four years in theatre has equipped Paul with a sharp and highly analytical editorial approach. He'll work with your team during preparations to design the journey for the audience, connect with all speakers in advance, and then on the big day seek out and illuminate the red thread; making you think and laugh at the same time.

Events where Paul has moderated:

Creative Tastebuds (DK) 2017, Crowd Predictions Conference (DK) 2018, Crowd 15 (DK) 2015, Danish Sound Day (DK) 2018, Digital Kids Today (DK) 2018, Financing Forum for Kids Content (SE) 2015, Power to the Pixel Think Tank (UK) 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, SMART FIPA (FR) 2015, 2016, SPOT Interactive (DK) 2013, 2014 & 2015, Story Conference - Flanders Audiovisual Fund (2019), Wonderful Copenhagen - India Day (D) 2018 & Wonderful Copenhagen's Tomorrow's Urban Travel (DK) 2017

Thanks for one of the best moderations I have seen in an event for a long time.
Paul mixes the insight of a writer with the wit of a stand-up comedian.”
— Youri Loedts. Head of Game Department. Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds
Paul lifted StoryCon to a higher level by being a sharp and constructive collaborator while shaping the conference and being an intelligent and witty moderator during the conference.
— Siebe Dumon, Talent Development Television, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds
You did an excellent job of hosting Crowd15 and I loved your touch of sarcastic British humor, kept people happy.
Paul challenged me and my team on the big ’why’ and key messages of the programme. In his positive, yet sharp thought-encouraging way, Paul made sure we had all the necessary discussions to ensure a successful day, where the red thread and intention of the day was clear to everyone, guided by Paul’s strong focus and critical questioning.
Paul Tyler did an outstanding job chairing our conference activities engaging the audience with catchy remarks and questions to essential aspects of the contents … the intermediation of an professional facilitator clearly helped the participants gain more value out of the conference sessions and we all looked more professional as a result of his intervention
An exceptional ability to engage the audience and an extraordinary knack for picking out and highlighting key insights.
— Daiana Fobian Nielsen, Co-founder, Danish Crowdsourcing


kokkinofoto 25.JPG

Paul works within the corporate, public & cultural sectors. 

Nominated for a BAFTA (2005), BBC Creativity Award (2004) and Association of Online Publishers award (2005), Paul went on to win the Prix Jeunesse (2006) web award for the BBC’s flagship cross-media show, BAMZOOKi, the show he originated, studio directed and produced.

2006 he moved from London to Copenhagen where building on twelve years of BBC television & digital production experience,he worked with international companies to develop concepts.

Paul co-setup the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology’s Digital Concept Development graduate programme in 2010. Paul holds a BSc. (Hons) Physiology with the History and Theory of Art & Design.


To book a session or to have Paul moderate your event, get in touch.

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