Copenhagen, Denmark: Mapping character relationships for "Lidhjet" a film by Sandra Fassio.

Client: Hélicotronc is a company producing short and feature films, fiction and documentaries. With a group of creative directors, it produces original corporate and institutional films. It also opens up to the co-production and executive production of foreign feature films and TV films made in Belgium.

SYNOPSIS taken from (translated from French)
"Lula is one of the few women to work in Antwerp's industrial port and has an authority that commands respect. This strength is due to her Albanian upbringing, from which she has been reunited fifteen years earlier by cutting ties with her family, one of the most influential in the local community. 
But the identity quest of Lirim, his ls adolescent, will bring Lula back to his own past, forcing him
to fight once again what she had fled: the murderous drifts of the laws of blood."

Client goal: To repeat the mapping exercise as first experienced at the Le Boost Camp but this time to have more time to dig deeper into character motive to ensure story consistency.

Point of contact: Writer and director. Sandra Fassio.

Paul Tyler