Copenhagen, DK: Moderating Crowd Predictions Conference. June 2018


Client: Collective Intelligence Unit (CIU), DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT. In their words "Crowd Predictions Conference 2018 is the first conference to be held in the Nordic countries on collective intelligence and the predictive abilities of crowds. Speakers will ignite new thinking and provide you with insights on how you can harness “the crowd” for better strategic decision-making. The conference will introduce you to the concepts of collective intelligence and crowd predictions, and demystify the many buzzwords surrounding them. We will present you with the latest tools for understanding how the wisdom of the crowd can improve forecasting when dealing with risk and uncertainty." Source.

Client Goal: Moderate the half day conference, illuminate the read thread throughout, drive questions from the stage and floor, and keep everyone to time.

Point of contact: DAIANA FOBIAN NIELSEN, Project Manager, INT.

Paul Tyler did an outstanding job chairing our conference activities engaging the audience with catchy remarks and questions to essential aspects of the contents … the intermediation of an professional facilitator clearly helped the participants gain more value out of the conference sessions and we all looked more professional as a result of his intervention.
— Torben Juul Andersen Professor, PhD, MBA, MSc (cand. polit.) Director (CGSR). Department of International Economics and Management, CBS
Paul Tyler