London, UK: Mapping story logic for Satore Studio. May 2018.


Client: Satore Studio

Client Goal: To sit down with the writer (Benjamin Farry), Creative Director (Gibran Ramos), Founder (Tupac Martir), visualisation artist (Sergio Gómez Settanni) and Creative Producer (Lilian Hess) and map out the logic for the story they're developing that will showcase some of the latest technologies and techniques in virtual reality.

Satore Studio, in their own words, taken from "Satore studio are masters in the creation of illuminated visual design and Immersive experiences, taking your project from concept to activation, whilst communicating unforgettable messages to a captivated audience. Whether One-off or turnkey, independently or collaboratively, the studio is where we realise our most ambitious visions by combining specialist creative talent with experiential technology. We deliver innovative creative solutions to some of the most significant organisations, artists and events globally."

Point of contact: Tupac Martir.

Paul Tyler