Berlin, DE: Mapping future strategy for FDK's project Akademie für Kindermedien. May 2018


Client: Förderverein Deutscher Kinderfilm e.V.

Client Goal: To map future strategy for FDK's project Akademie für Kindermedien. (google translate from their website) "The Academy for Children's Media (AKM) is the scholarship program of the Förderverein Deutscher Kinderfilm eV , which has successfully carried out author training for the development of children's media since 2000. Even in a converged media landscape, a good story and interesting characters are at the heart of any fictional production. Movies, books, series, games, websites, apps are based on each other and inspire each other. Especially children are familiar with finding their favorite heroes and stories on different platforms. In this respect, it is of great importance, especially in the field of children's media, to deal in depth with the potential interactive potential of the project idea already in substance development and to develop accordingly cross-media concepts. Making high-quality and original materials accessible to children on different platforms is one of AKM's main goals."

Point of contact: Thomas Hailer & Margret Albers

Paul Tyler