Venice, IT: Mapping character constellations and character arcs for Venice Biennale College Cinema. Oct 2017

Client: Venice Biennale Film College

Client's goal: To work with the participants and help them structure their stories.

Participants & Projects: 

Besos Negros 1st feature
Dir: Alejandro Naranjo   (Colombia) | Prod: Omar Razzak  (Spain) 
Deva Mall – 1st feature
Dir: Petra Szocs   (Hungary) | Prod: Péter  Fülöp  (Hungary) 

Dos Estaciones – 1st feature  
Dir: Juan Pablo González  (Mexico) | Prod: Jamie Gonçalves  (Brazil / USA) 
Gepetto 1st feature
Dir: Z Behl (USA) | Prod: Carlos Zozaya (Mexican)   
Swamp Queen 2nd feature
Dir: Xander Robin (USA) | Prod: Tatiana Bears (USA)   

Stellanera 1st feature
Dir: Valentina Bertuzzi (Ita) | Prod: Alessandra Grilli (Ita)

The Ice Rift 2nd feature
Dir: Margherita Ferri (Ita)| Prod: Chiara Galloni (Ita)
The time of Gods  1st feature
Dir: Piotr Stasik (Poland) | Prod: Pawel Kosun (Poland)
To Live To Sing 2nd feature
Dir: Johnny Ma (Canada/China) | Prod: Jing Wang (China)

Untitled Expat Film 2nd feature
Dir: Daniel Laabs (USA) | Prod: Jeff Walker (USA) 
Yuva (Home) 2nd feature
Dir: Emre Yeksan  (Turkey) | Prod: Anna Maria Aslanoglu (Turkey)
Wild Youth 1st feature
Dir: Lorenzo Lodovichi (Ita) | Prod: Ines Vasiljevic (Ita)

Point of contact: Savina.Neirotti, Jane Williams & Michel Reilhac

Paul Tyler