Malmö, Sweden: Third time back to work on a story knot for Way Creative Films. June 2017

Client: Way Creative Films.

Client Goal: Third time back with Way Creative Films, but second time working on this specific story, Breaking Surface. The writer, Joachim Heden had found a knot in the piece, something he needed input and requested that I come in and map out the characters. This enabled him to bring outside help in the form of creatives from other companies to come in and help pick it apart. Not only was this open approach very generous on the part of the writer, but this focus to address the problem allowed us collectively to find a solution, which is captured in part by the two people weighed down in the image below. We found a way.

Point of contact: Julia Gebauer, Producer.

2017-06-22 16.10.57.jpg
2017-06-22 16.11.11.jpg
2017-06-22 16.10.51.jpg
Paul Tyler