Aarhus, Denmark: Moderated Creative Tastebuds Symposium on Taste. September 2017

Client: Creative Tastebuds was a unique event uncovering how our sense of taste affects our lives. Eight top researchers of taste together with four savvies of architecture, gastronomy, writing and design - and an active and knowledgeable audience – took on rethinking how we use and experience taste.

Client goal: an English speaking moderator who could weave a red thread throughout the two days, to challenge the audience and to introduce and outro the eight speakers.

Point of contact: Susanne Højlund, Mikael Schneider

Introduction speech by Paul Tyler at the Creative Tastebuds symposium in Aarhus Teater september 4-5 2017. Website: http://creativetastebuds.dk Produced by Stagbird.
Paul Tyler