What you get from a session with Paul Tyler

With your team, clients or customers around a table, at a place of your choosing, for 1 - 3 hours or an entire day, Paul applies his outsider, impartial and highly analytical approach to:

  • identify your or your client's business goals
  • extract insight from customers & stakeholders
  • create a single overview of your organisation
  • prototype an idea, concept, story, format or project
  • map customer end-to-end experiences, or
  • logic stress-test a concept prior to pitch or delivery

It's about relationships & journeys

When developing products, services, campaigns, organizational structures, experiences, stories, TV-formats, dramas, documentaries or games, you face the same challenge:

Capturing the relationships and journeys made by your users, customers, voters, employees, stakeholders, characters, contestants or players.

Paul applies a very focused, highly effective and intensive interview technique to extract and map these pathways quickly, collaboratively and consistently.

Paul works with a range of clients from designers, communicators, marketeers, CEO's, managers, leaders to writers, directors and producers, to identify the elements that can make or break a project.


When you innovate, you can not afford to waste time, energy or know-how. Paul ensures your team is aligned and able to develop with all insight and strategy in one, manageable space. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to make decisions.


Paul has helped over 70 international companies, spanning 20 countires, including Adobe (EMEA), the Municipality of Copenhagen (DK), Hello Group (DK), Sundhed.dk (DK), Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (UK), Warner Bros. (DK), Team Danmark (DK), Media Business School (ES), European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (LU), the Danish & Swedish Film Institutes (DK) & (SE), Eyeworks TV (DK), The Royal Academy of Arts (UK), Lund University (SE) and three out of the four top ranked television stations in China – Hunan, Zhejiang & Anhui TV. [ Full List of 70 clients since 2012 ]


His method blends journalistic interviewing with the approach taken by architects, military tacticians and therapists to visualize and concretise ideas to create an overview that eliminates misunderstandings, enables collaboration and unlocks decision making. All output is photographed / videoed.


2006, Paul moved from London to Copenhagen. Building on twelve years of television & digital production experience at the BBC, he started helping international companies develop concepts. It soon became clear that project teams working in corporate, public and cultural sectors were wasting huge amounts of time, energy and money in how they developed. He set out to change that and developed the Handling Ideas technique.

Nominated for a BAFTA (2005), BBC Creativity Award (2004) and Association of Online Publishers award (2005), Paul went on to win the Prix Jeunesse (2006) web award for originating, studio directing and producing the BBC’s flagship cross-media show BAMZOOKi. He co-set-up the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology’s e-Concept Development graduate programme in 2010. He originates from London, lives and works out of Copenhagen and holds a BSc. (Hons) Physiology with the History and Theory of Art & Design.