Oslo, Norway: NFI - Break on Through - Inspirational Seminars on storytelling in a digital age

Delivered "To go forward we must first go backwards: tools for paddling upstream" as one of two talks to set up three case stiudies for the Norwegian Film Institute's 'Break on Through' seminar.

Here's the text for the event "When it comes to Transmedia, a story isn't necessarily our starting point. If we start there then we must paddle our way upstream to find our theme. Only then can we start to develop for multiple platforms. So when we expect our audience to interact, then we can no longer think of ourselves strictly as simply storytellers or content makers. We are becoming designers. We design journeys for audiences, pathways through platforms and models for businesses. To engage we must become relevant and accessible through understanding the motivates and habits of our target group. This talk introduces tools that can be used to combine combine story, content and technology in order to deliver offerings that respond to these needs."

Paul Tyler