Copenhagen, Denmark: Mapping Copenhagen Philharmonic int. offering. Dec 2015

Client: Open Orchestra (OO) is Copenhagen Philharmonic’s new interactive symphony. Open Orchestra seeks to open the doors to the magnificent classical world, making a global scene for a new and curious audience. Open Orchestra welcomes a wide range of new audiences into classical music. During the next two years, OO will present a handful of interactive experiences that all invite the user/audience inside the engine room of the symphony orchestra in different ways—to explore, engage and evolve the music. Open Orchestra consists of four elements that together reveal new interactive experiences with classical and contemporary music.

Client’s goal: to map out Open Orchestra’s complete offering in order to sense check the consistency between the various parts.

Point of contact: Mads Damsbo (Makropol) and Karl Bjerre Skibsted (Copenhagen Philharmonic)
Paul Tyler