Michel Reilhac is now running Handling Ideas sessions with a focus on French speaking territories.


Michel writes "I am Head of Studies for the Venice Biennale College Cinema. Last year we invited Paul to give a Handling Ideas workshop with each of the 12 feature film projects in development. The success and impact on each project was such that there was no way we could design our third edition, currently in progress, without Paul and his unique Handling Ideas visualization technique.

But demands on Paul’s time meant that he was unavailable. What to do? There was no way we could have the College without him...

Paul and I have developed a true friendship over the years after Liz Rosenthal, Power to the Pixel invited us to her Pixel Lab. After that, I have invited Paul to do his magic in several occasions in many different countries, festivals, workshops and conferences. I was privileged to watch him in many of his workshops and classes. We then started sharing regularly about the process and how to expand it.  So Paul suggested that I do the 12 workshops myself... 

And I did ...And it was amazing...

Paul shared his science with me weeks before the Biennale College. We exchanged a lot. I practiced secretly. I asked Paul tons of questions. I felt like he was my Yoda, (except with much nicer ears...).

By having Paul trust me enough to do 12 workshops last October in Venice, I learned in the process how much focus, listening and empathy were essential in sharing with a film maker and his/her producer. I experienced some kind of a channeling process in helping the film teams visualize their story-world. I saw how focusing on the actual story and not on the human interaction that usually happens, really did help the birthing process, the parenting of the core essence of their narrative and what it stood for. And it was so much fun doing it...for the teams and me.

I am honored that Paul trusted me to follow in his footsteps. I am pleased that it worked out. The film teams loved the experience and want to do it again for all their next projects. 

Now I am so torn for the next edition: I absolutely want Paul back with us for the next 12 projects of 4th edition next year... and at the same time, I so would love to do it again... do disciples get that feeling when their guru gives them that first chance at flying with their own wings? ... Just kidding, Paul...you are the master.

Paul : thank you for the wonderful opportunity. The creative people you help with your intuitive science owe you a lot..."

Paul Tyler