Turin, IT: Mapping out communication strategy for European Training Foundation. Oct 2016

Client: European Training Foundation is a decentralised agency of the European Union based in Turin, Italy. 
Client's goal: To map out stakeholders, inc. primary and secondary audiences as well as those providing data/info/insights and to build by adding the various objectives, channels and key messages. This 'helicopter' perspective on your world, will allow us to ask the strategic questions to the table, for instance how best to optimise your work, what opportunities lie within this system, what challenges will you have to tackle and what's being ignored. Once we capture one single frame of reference, then the questions will come by themselves. By doing this, we should then be able to establish what needs to be improved by way of stratgey and how it can be captured.
Point of contact: Joanna Anstey, Communication Coordinator, Communication Department.
Paul Tyler