Copenhagen, Denmark: Working into the night with Hopelessness, disappearing dads and forbidden balloons. April '14.

Got to work again with participants of the Danish Film Institutes Film's Filmværkstedet (Film Workshop) programme as we tackled two documentaries and a short fiction. Attendees were Esben Blaakilde, Sander Schwartz, Sissel Morell Dargis, Laura Lindegaard and Maria H. Guggenheim.

Filmværkstedet supports both large and small film production, with the objective of promoting experimental cinema and talent. Primarily they provide support in terms of access to professional production equipment, subsidies for basic production and consultancy. Secondarily, they provide support for talent development through seminars, workshops and counseling.

Filmværkstedet is mainly aimed at young people who have the potential to establish a professional film career. They have a large network and can provide inspiration and guidance that can help them get an education or employment in the film industry.

Filmværkstedet supports annually approx 50 productions - both documentaries, fiction, short stories and in rare cases also feature films. Four times a year applicants can seek support by submitting an application.


Paul Tyler