Copenhagen, Denmark: Mapping audience engagement for CPH:LAB. NOV 2015.

CPH:LAB on Vimeo.

Client: (taken from their website) "CPH:LAB is CPH:DOX’s very own pioneering talent development, training and production program. 

Since 2009 the LAB has established itself as a highly ambitious yet playful laboratory-style talent scheme for international film directors, focusing on:

  • Exploring new, innovative creative processes in development and production.
  • Supporting alternative collaborative partnerships between filmmakers across borders.
  • Encouraging new financing methods and production processes with focus on low budget, cross- sector partnerships and market access. "

Client’s goal: Getting the participants of the lab to rethink ways of making their ideas come true, helping them turn the challenges of working in teams of two directors, from different nationalities and production backgrounds into benefits, never losing track of the fact that most people are in it for the process of documentary or hybrid filmmaking, exploring new ways of reaching an audience, creating an impact and finance the process. 

Point of contact: Mille Haynes

Paul Tyler