Malmö, Sweden: Tuning two features films in development for Way Creative Films. May 2016

Client: Since it’s inception in 2003, Way Creative Films has grown into an established production company on the national level, and a leading player in southern Sweden.

Client’s goal: To map out and work on two feature films, currently in development. Present were Julia Gebauer, Jonas Sörensson, Joachim Hedén, Drazen Kuljanin, Roberto Duarte & Fredrik Myrtell.
Point of contact: Julia Gebauer

Copenhagen, Denmark: Developing formats with leading Danish comedian. April 2016

Client: Loyal Group
Client’s goal: To map out and work on two entertainment television formats targeted for the Danish TV market, alongside Andreas Bo, Carsten Colling & Brian Mørk.
Point of contact: Trine Mørch Østergaard


"It was a thoroughly amazing experience. It really did help you to go in directions you normally wouldn't. It brought out ideas and at the same time prevented you from wandering and forgetting your earlier ideas.
 Brian Mørk, Comedian, Comedy writer and TV host.

"I totally agree - I was impressed with the "method" and with you, Paul, you did an excellent job at handling the ideas." 
Carsten Colling, Freelance writer, director, actor & composer.

Pliezhausen, Germany: 9th time working with leading European Scriptwriters Development Workshop. April 2016

 Client: SOURCES 2

Client’s goal: to work with writers, directors and producers on their fiction and documentary projects.
Point of contact: Marion Gompper.
"A sharp mind, firing very substantive questions."
Iris Otten, Producer, Pupkin Film, Amsterdam.



Copenhagen, Denmark: Mapping new internal policy to senior managers. April 2016. 

Client: Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningen, KØBENHAVNS KOMMUNE 

Client’s goal: To open up the way by which a new internal policy to development was communicated with sernior managers representing the different areas within the department.
Point of contact: Mette Enemærke, Chefkonsulent, Projekter og Udvikling




Copenhagen, Denmark: "How to map customer journeys" session for KEA MMD students. April 2016

Client: KEA Multimedia Design. 
Client’s goal: To introduce students to the Handling Ideas method for mapping customer journeys.
Point of contact: Alan Engelhardt, Associate lecturer, Cand. Arch., MITD, KEA DIGITAL, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. 




Client: Second time working with Copenhagen agency, Hello Group to map out the customer journey for one of their key clients, a Danish Insurance company. The session showed how mapping enables stakeholders, with slightly different perspectives on the same service can share insight and help identify areas for innovation.

Points of contact at Hello Group: Henrik Pallesen & Marianne Dale.



Oslo, Norway: Development on three fiction projects. March 2016.

Client: Ape&Bjørn
Client’s goal: To work with the writers, directors and producers so as to develop the three projects further in order to make them more likely for funding.
Point of contact: Ruben Thorkildsen



MUNSBACH, LUXEMBOURG: 3rd time back to EAVE's Producers Workshop. March 2016

Client: European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, EAVE, is a professional training, project development and networking organization for audiovisual producers.
Client’s goal: To work on eight feature and documentary projects that are currently in development with writers and producers. To explore the relationships between the characters and map their journeys.
Point of contact: Kristina Trapp, Jani Thiltges & Satu Elo

Berlin, Germany: Demonstrating method to Berlinale Talents. Feb 2016

Client: Berlinale Talent, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin


Client’s goal: To run a live case in front of an audience made up of Berlnale Talents and festival attendees. The program listed the session as: “To "think of your audience" from the beginning of project development is one of the advices filmmakers often hear. But how can we actually get to know those audiences before they show up in the cinema? Paul Tyler, inventor of the "Handling Ideas" method, takes inner notions of a film's future audience out of the filmmaker's head and maps them with LEGO® on the table. Tyler introduces us to a method to literally see an assumed audience from birds-eye view and learn how it feels and deals with the story. Tyler leads Talents through a practical case study, blending a journalistic approach to interviewing with the techniques used in other creative industries to visualize ideas, enable collaboration and unlock decision-making.”


The session kicked-off by demonstrating how relatively simple information such as family tree structure containing just siblings, their respective partners and offspring, is so much easier to grasp when mapped out onto a table rather than simply told verbatim. 


Josh Kim (US/Republic of Korea) volunteered to have his project The Folding City mapped out onto the table as pictured above. The session raised several questions from the audience regarding how tough one can be and whether it intimidates the project owner. One audience member, representing marketing, sales and distribution commented on the effectiveness of the tool to identify the sub-groups to whom one could target. Whilst the event was set-up to focus on identifying your audience, the mapping still helped to unlock value on a story-telling level as Josh commented after the session, “"I went in prepared to talk about the story (or plot) from start to finish, but you immediately started with the characters, which made me realize how important the characters were and how the plot was secondary to the character's journey.”


Point of contact: Florian Weghorn, Programme Manager



Biarritz, France: Moderating "ARE WE MOVING THROUGH A SENSORY NARRATION?" Jan 2016

Client: Smart FIPA – Festival International De Programmes Audiovisuels, Biarritz, France.

Client’s goal: Moderate a day of talks "Are we moving through sensory narration" focusing on how the media industry can extend the use of the senses beyond sight and sound. With international speakers providing insight on a range of subjects, relating to touch, smell and taste, my job was to create a red thread that questioned the relevance of such approaches within the media industry we understand today.

VR (Virtual Reality) and prospective - Nicoletta Iacobacci
> Exploration of VR and its future prospects. VR is used to feel the story all our senses will soon be involved, and not just sight and hearing. 
 The Impact of a technological narration - Vincenzo Susca
> New technologies propel us into a new dimension. What will be their impact on narrations and on the way they are received/perceived?
On Interactive storytelling - Chris Crawford
> Designing a true interactive story is a challenge that we will help you to take-up. 
Haptic Technology or how to touch the story - Ali Israr
> Demonstration on how the screen becomes matter through haptic technology allowing your fingers to feel the image.
The Taste Simulation - Dr. Nimesha Ranasinghe
> When technology transmits information to our taste buds… an exploration of the digital simulation of gustatory sensations.
The Olfactory Narrative - Marcel van Bakel & Frederik Duerinck
> Odors, just like taste, are more evocative of memories that sight, sound or touch.

Point of contact: Christopher Canalis & Florence Girot, Smart Fipa

Vellinge, Sweden: Mapping communication needs for smart plug creator. Jan 2016

Client: EWA Solutions AB through the Innovation Skåne scheme.

"Ewa Home (Ewa Solutions AB) is a privately owned Scandinavian based company that aim to offer great smart home solutions that brings the internet of things (IOT) to every ones doorstep today. Our growing team of excellent developers have many years of experience with wireless communication and Electronics." (Extract from website)

Client’s goal: to identify the most effective way to communicate the ambition of their product by identifying key stakeholders, the business model and thereby most effective and relevant messaging.

Point of contact: Magdalena Gräff, co-founder, Ewa Solutions AB.

Helsingborg, Sweden: Pitch training for film and media students. Jan 2016

BoostHbg is a VR and transmedia incubator and fund, focusing on new story and buisness development in innovative media and film. We work with creators who combine powerful story worlds with deep and authentic audience engagement, cultivating genuine commercial potential, and tools that will positively impact our world.

Client’s goal: to provide media pitch training to Film and Media students from Fridhems folkhögskola and Skurups folkhögskola, two schools of higher education based in the Øresund Region of Southern Sweden.

Point of contact: Annika Gustafson, Executive Director, BoostHbg.

Malmö, Sweden: Communication mapping for type 2 diabetes patent tool. Jan 2016

Client: Anders Rosengren, MD PhD, Head of Translational Diabetes Research, Lund University

Client’s goal: to develop the user experience and journey through the site and identify the most effective way to communicate the ambition of new web-based Motivational Tool for type two diabetes patents and at-risk individuals.

"Working with Paul Tyler of Handling Ideas has been a great experience. Paul's method of mapping our thoughts out onto the table is extremely helpful to make abstract thoughts, ideas and visions concrete. Before starting, you think you have a clear picture of your project and vision. We then literally tear it into pieces (Lego pieces), look at the pieces and their relationship from different angles, add and subtract. The end result? A much clearer and logical understanding of why you want to reach your vision, how to reach it, for whom and what the concrete steps may be. It is not merely reductionism. It is concrete holism." Anders Rosengren, physician and associate professor at Lund University, Sweden.

Point of contact: Anders Rosengren, MD PhD, Head of Translational Diabetes Research Lund University.

Biarritz, France: Pitch training for SMART FIPA Festival pitch over skype. Jan 2016.

Client: Smart FIPA – Festival International De Programmes Audiovisuels, Biarritz, France.

Client’s goal: to work remotely with each of the project that had been selected in competition to help them prepare their pitches for the event in Biarritz. Pitch training focused on getting each of the participating project owners to be clear as to why they were making the journey to Biarritz to present. Context was key, to ensure that any presentation was relevant in the eyes of the audience and jury.

Point of contact: Christopher Canalis & Florence Girot, Smart Fipa

Copenhagen, Denmark: Producing doc series proposal for Warner Bros. Dec 2015

Client: WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. is a "fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company and a global leader in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all forms of entertainment and their related businesses" (Extract from website).

Client’s goal: to develop a treatment for a 6 part documentary series, aimed at a global audience.

Point of contact: Esben Halding, Managing Director Warner Bros. Denmark.

Christmas 2015


Copenhagen, Denmark: Mapping Copenhagen Philharmonic int. offering. Dec 2015

Client: Open Orchestra (OO) is Copenhagen Philharmonic’s new interactive symphony. Open Orchestra seeks to open the doors to the magnificent classical world, making a global scene for a new and curious audience. Open Orchestra welcomes a wide range of new audiences into classical music. During the next two years, OO will present a handful of interactive experiences that all invite the user/audience inside the engine room of the symphony orchestra in different ways—to explore, engage and evolve the music. Open Orchestra consists of four elements that together reveal new interactive experiences with classical and contemporary music.

Client’s goal: to map out Open Orchestra’s complete offering in order to sense check the consistency between the various parts.

Point of contact: Mads Damsbo (Makropol) and Karl Bjerre Skibsted (Copenhagen Philharmonic)

Lund, Sweden: "What business are you in and what do you truly value?" Dec 2015.

Client: Teknopol Nordic Startrack / Innovation Skåne supports new business ideas with professional advice and relevant networking through Nordic Connected Health Star Track. The project aims to accelerate the success and international scaling of Nordic startups to claim one percent of the potential global market, and create at least ten thousand new jobs.. They work with 200 entrepreneurs a year and their mission is to help them become fast growing internationally successful companies.

Client’s goal: to help the invited companies identify the businesses they’re in and what their businesses truly value.

Point of contact: Marianne Larsson

Helsingborg, Sweden: Sense checking story logic for Swedish writers. Nov 2015. 

Client: BoostHbg is a VR and transmedia incubator and fund, focusing on new story and buisness development in innovative media and film. We work with creators who combine powerful story worlds with deep and authentic audience engagement, cultivating genuine commercial potential, and tools that will positively impact our world.

Client’s goal: To work with two selected writers to sense check the logic of their storytelling by focusing on character motives, goals, constellations and how these relate to the themes they are exploring and story-world rules they're relying on/creating.

Point of contact: Annika Gustafson (Boost),  Alexe Landgren (project owner) & Caroline Ingvarsson (project owner)

Amsterdam, Holland: Deliver Industry talk at IDFA - Children's Docs. Nov 2015.

To hear my presentation, scrub to 45'33'' on the timeline.

Client: IDFA is the largest documentary film festival in the world, taking place in Amsterdam, in November each year, with over 300 titles, 350.000 visits and 3000 professional guests in the last edition. One of the program sections, and a competition for the first time this year, is Kids & Docs comprising of a a selection of documentaries for children (8-12). Since two years IDFA is trying to find ways to stimulate the production of this genre in other countries as well and at the same time, open to discuss aspects about where the genre in developing into, when it comes to platforms, co-productions etc.).

Client’s goal:  To deliver a 20 minute keynote focusing on how to enlighten the audience of the future possibilities within documentary for kids.Documentaries for children are all the rage. More and more people from the industry are getting involved, but what's actually going on in the field and where are we headed? How does the field need to move on, and what does the future look like? For more, see here.

Point of contact: Meike Statema, Head of Education (Youth programs and IDFAcademy)