Malmö, Sweden: Moderating The Financing Forum for Kids Content. March '15.

Photo - Johan Ström

Driving the day's objective "to increase young audience’s viewing of innovative, high quality and multi-faceted children’s films across Europe with particular focus on live action features and cross platform." through a range of topics and speakers including: the founder of the design the Berlin Branding agency Heine/Lenz/Zizka, Peter Zizka; Head of marketing, local productions and acquisitions for 20th Century Fox, Germany, Germar Tetzlaff; Latvia's Alise Gelze, Founder and Producer of Tasse Film and a whole lot more. For the whole agenda, see here.

Points of contact: Annette Brejner & Viola Gabrielli.

"You did a great job structuring a day of very diverse subjects and speakers." Karin Quinn, Art Director & Project Leader.

Paul Tyler