Malmö, Sweden: Communication mapping for type 2 diabetes patent tool. Jan 2016

Client: Anders Rosengren, MD PhD, Head of Translational Diabetes Research, Lund University


Client’s goal: to develop the user experience and journey through the site and identify the most effective way to communicate the ambition of new web-based Motivational Tool for type two diabetes patents and at-risk individuals.


"Working with Paul Tyler of Handling Ideas has been a great experience. Paul's method of mapping our thoughts out onto the table is extremely helpful to make abstract thoughts, ideas and visions concrete. Before starting, you think you have a clear picture of your project and vision. We then literally tear it into pieces (Lego pieces), look at the pieces and their relationship from different angles, add and subtract. The end result? A much clearer and logical understanding of why you want to reach your vision, how to reach it, for whom and what the concrete steps may be. It is not merely reductionism. It is concrete holism." Anders Rosengren, physician and associate professor at Lund University, Sweden.


Point of contact: Anders Rosengren, MD PhD, Head of Translational Diabetes Research Lund University.
Paul Tyler