London, UK: HI facilitates Digital Fashion Lab at London School of Fashion, 18 May, '13

iDROPS, the Felmish digital innovation agency for the cultural, creative and social sector has commissioned Handling Ideas to run its Digital Fashion Lab which is to be hosted by the London College of Fashion. As their website says...


"The fashion industry starts to realize the importance of digital technology. Numerous digital applications arise rapidly in the fashion world. For example, 3D printing has been used for machine parts, airplanes and even jewelry. Rings or necklaces are already being printed in 3D. Think about what 3D printed fabrics, buttons or zippers can do for the fashion world.

Digital Fashion LAB induces collaboration between talented professionals from different segments of the fashion and digital industries to explore new, untrodden paths. The LAB is spent on idea generation, co-creation, collaboration and inspirational interventions. The participants are offered a unique opportunity to explore and experiment their way to an innovative concept. Incentives and examples will stimulate them to bring forward their own ideas to develop them further with others. Feedback and coaching are supplied by mentors."

You can download the presentation here.
You can see photos from the event here. 

Paul Tyler