Article: Democracy and Brainstorming - a potentially toxic mix to project development.


Co-authored piece on LinkedIn with Erica Taylor from Taylor + Tyler

"When you work in Scandinavia, you experience just how incredibly open the decision making process is. Meetings (and coffee) are in plentiful supply as project partners from across departments are continually brought in to provide input, and add steerage to a project. Democracy is rife. This is not only due to democracy’s strong historical roots in Scandinavia, but also due to competitive pressures from a globalized economy. “Work better across silos” and “crowdsourced solutions” has filled many a Linkedin post, and stock photos of honey bees link us to countless articles on ‘tapping the hive mind’. The value of knowledge sharing is indisputable whether your workplace is made up of twenty or twenty thousand. So what possibly could go wrong with all this democracy and sharing? Quite a lot actually. And quite often."


Paul Tyler