MUNSBACH, LUXEMBOURG: Imprisoned women, floating chestnuts, Colombian mother-in-laws and so much more. March '15.

So second time round to the land of men in black, not the film but the bankers that scuttle their way through the airport as you arrive. Worked over two days on eight projects for EAVE's producer workshop. A mix of projects found their way onto the table.

Point of contact: Kristina Trapp, CEO

"Thank you it was the greatest experience all week!" Noémi Veronika Szakonyi, Screenwriter (above, middle).

"Thank you for everything! I think it was really helpful for us!! A real psychological game! And especially for our film these kind of experiences are needed." Julianna Ugrin, Producer (above, right).

"It was indeed very useful to see the film mapped out like that." Srdjan Keca, Screenwriter.

"I loved the exercise we did and, of course, it was extremely valuable for me and for the project. Thank you so much for that! I will also highly recommend you." Maria Camila Arias, Screenwriter.

"We definitely took away very useful insight into our story and will spread the word about your method." Henning Kamm, Producer. 

Paul Tyler