Vilnius, Lithuania: Presentation for Cross Media Zen plus workshops. May '14.

The plane from Copenhagen doesn't turn when it flies the straight line out across the Baltic. Invited over by Ruta Boguzaite, MEDIA Desk Lithuania to speak at the 4th annual Cross Media Zen, "an interactive conference and workshop dedicated to cross-platform storytelling", with a "special attention will be given to audience engagement and interactive storytelling, illustrated with leading case studies from across the world as well as Lithuania." Day 2, and the LEGO was out as we worked through five projects that had been selected for development.

Photos by Kristina Sereikaite, commisisoned by CROSS MEDIA ZEN 2014

Projects and their owners were:

“The Neighborhood” from Lukas Trimonis & Gailė Garnelytė at iNSCRiPT

“Milk Bar” from Agnė Adomėnė & Urtė Budinaitė at Art Shot

“Blured Border” from Andrius Lekavičius and Gabrielė Vaičiūnaitė at Prime Field

“Perfect Match Architects” from Jurga Zabukaitė at Trumas

“Face of the Sun” from Ieva Bužinskaitė at Apricot Films


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