Copenhagen, Denmark: Handling a session for leading communication agency, Advice A/S. May '14.

Ran a session for Advice A/S. Focused in on one key project, centering around a fairly meaty client. With three of the project team members around the table and around twenty or so Advice folks watching, it made for a great session - with the following reactions:

"What you did in the session, conveying the essence of the project. others struggle to do with a 300 page strategy report. It forced people to make decisions - that's what makes it so powerful."          Ralf Lodberg, Executive Director and Partner


"By seeing everything out on the table, it meant for the first time I could see the narrative unfold."          Nino Dedenroth, Senior Concept Developer.


"Companies need tools to translate strategy into something meaningful - your tool does exactly that."          Pernille Ernstved Rype, Senior Advisor.
Paul Tyler