Aarhus, Denmark: SPOT INTERACTIVE - Designing and developing interactive media experiences. May '14.

With the overall header "How do you design and develop interactive media experiences that reach new audiences and create new branding opportunities with new ways of earning money in mind?" I was asked in to moderate the day's conference. With an international and local line of speakers, covering a range of creative businesses, the audience went away with more than a brainfull of insight. 

See the days's schedule for more. For a capture of the day, see my Jysk Bank TV's interview.

On Friday, joined forces with Creuna's Simon Kibsgård to drive a three hour workshop "CREATING A MEANINGFUL USER JOURNEY" where we attempted to bring our methodologies together to introduce the participants to a 'new type of journey mapping and its potential for describing the complexity of rational and emotional values in user/customer experience.'



Paul Tyler