Malmö, Sweden. Handling Ideas designs and runs Think Thank with SWIM for Nordic commissioners. Sept '13

The aim of the Think Tank is to give a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind a transmedia project and to find solutions and tools on how to support a project as a commissioning editor.

As per the Nordisk Panorama website:
"Filmkontakt Nord and SWIM, Scandinavian World of Innovative Media, invite Nordic decision-makers to a Think Tank during Nordisk Panorama on How to Understand and Work with Transmedia Projects.

We’re living in a world of new opportunities for storytellers. Through Internet and cheaper,  more user-friendly technology, people are able to tell their story and share it with the world in entirely new ways. We experience fundamental changes in what stories are told, the way they are being told and how we share and consume them, and in turn new possibilities within financing, distribution, marketing and impact. How to meet these new opportunities as a grant giving institution?

During an intensive afternoon, Nordic decision-makers will gather for a workshop with the aim of taking a step further towards some answers.

The Think Tank is organised in cooperation with SWIM, Scandinavian World of Innovative Media."


Paul Tyler