London, UK: iDROPS, London Science Museum, January 2013

12 projects, 3 days, 1 Science Museum. The last few days of January saw iDROPS Museum Lab 2.0 with creatives from within the museum world, mainly Belgium, coming together to develop their projects. Handling Ideas was commissioned to design and facilitate the workshop. Set out a '10 Step' plan to get participants from project goal through to creating handover pitch materials. People came with ideas. from which we paddled upstream to qualify need and aim and map out the connections and relationships from there. All in all a good solid three days, made only possible by iDROPS Corine Meijers, Nathalie Goethals, Mathias Van Compernolle and mentors Fiddian Warman (SODA), Dave Patten (Science Museum), Mitra Memarzia (IC tomorrow), Christel De Maeyer (Persuasion Technologist), Mar Dixon(Audience Developer).

Paul Tyler