Tel Aviv, Israel: Handling Ideas mapping for Entertainment Master Class as it develops new formats from new tech. Dec '13.

In their words "At the heart of the “Game Shows & Games” Master Class is the opportunity to learn from the masters of this genre how to take ideas from scratch to screen and beyond, focusing on both: how to make the show & how to make the money. The curriculum is designed to give the participants a greater understanding of the art and the business of game shows and games, directing them through the process of creating, developing, pitching, packaging, formatting, producing and distributing their entertainment properties. Essentially, it is about the “how to”. The programme is built around the experience of leading practitioners, giving an inside look on how they research trends, pitch ideas, create formats, run shows, and negotiate deals. Taking place in Tel Aviv, one of the hot beds of innovation in technology across all screens, the programme blends visionary lectures and practical group work with in-depth dialogues between television executives, format creators and entertainment entrepreneurs."

Paul Tyler