Aarhus, Denmark: HI delivering a framework for new international education focusing on Multiplatform Storytelling and Production. Nov '13.

Working with thirty talented students at VIA University College as they work out what it is to be an entrepreneur. The Multiplatform Storytelling and Production course is a new international education that focuses on the interaction between different forms of cinematic stories across digital platforms.

My plan is to take the students on a journey from idea to concept, a journey that will take them backwards before going forwards; only when you identify the needs behind an idea can you take the steps required to get to a meaningful and relevant solution. Broken down into ten steps, the students will progress from a initial questioning phase, to generating a strategy that will parameterize their solutions. This 'design thinking' methodology places greater emphasis on the process of analysis, revealing how creative it is to ask questions. The steps are rendered useless unless focus is directed to ways to carry forward the insight gained at each stage, thereby creating a red thread running from need to benefit.

Paul Tyler