What kind of companies use Handling Ideas?

Since kick-off in the second part of 2012, Handling Ideas has delivered to fourteen clients.  Going forward into 2013, picking up an additional four new clients on the way, Handling Ideas portfolio can be broken down into four types (some clients requiring more than one type of deliverable):

  • Concept and Project visualisation and mapping (x12)
  • Devising and running creative workshops, Think Tanks, forums & panels. (x6)
  • Pitch training for film, television, cross & transmedia projects. (x5)
  • Conference talks (x5)

The client type is broad, yet with a focus towards the development and production of content within the creative industry, namely film, television, cross/trans-media and gaming. Projects owners have (or will be) connected indirectly, through companies set up to create supporting frameworks for content development, such as Power to the Pixel (UK), Film Arc (FI), Sources2 (EU), Nordisk Barne Medie Festival (DK), FIPA (FR) and Nordisk Film go TV Fond. Others have come in directly: Jabfilm (NO) and Kids and Concepts (DE) or as a follow on to a workshop: Klassefilm.

The need for innovative financing, creative and business models is reflected through the worked commissioned by four bodies set-up to fund content development: New Danish Screen, The Financing Forum (SE), the Norwegian Film Institute and BUFF (SE). Higher education featured with pitch training given to under and post graduates for both the Danish Film School and Nordic Talents as well as project mapping for old friends at KEA (DK). And lastly, a much welcomed dive into the Danish design sector was brought about by a session with local  company, Good Morning Technology.

Reaction from some of the clients can be seen at the Handling Ideas Facebook page under 'Recent Posts by Others on Handling Ideas'.


Paul Tyler