Tromsø, Norway: Jabfilm's documentary 'The history of the Jews in the North/Jødene I Tromsø'

Ran a 3 hour session with Jabfilm to help them map out the various ways by which they can engage an audience with this deeply emotional story. Tried to apply the lessons learnt from Oulu, i.e. to focus on the gateways that the director wants to corral the audience through, rather than defining outcomes, one should define situations where particular influences will be present. Here's an extract from Jabfilm's 'In Development' page:

"The life and the fate of a small Jewish community in a small town hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle.

We want to tell the story as close to the sources as possible. From minute to minute and from day to day. In a hybrid of documentary and fiction style it is our wish that the audience, sooner or later will experience themselves in the closest possible contact with the people and the events that took place. In this context, it is not the aim of the film to tell people what to believe or think. However, it is our responsibility to ensure that the message is so obvious, that we leave with doubt or uncertainty that makes people confused about their own conclusions."

Paul Tyler