"We can't televise boxing live, no one will buy a ticket"

This short one minute trailer made me think of the arguement around the separated windows for selling DVDs for films that are released for cinema. Haven't listened to the whole programme yet - maybe you'll make it before I do, but it sure sounds interesting. BBC Radio 4 "The Bottom Line"  


...and then I just read an article in the Los Angeles Times - Film studios starting to release video-on-demand sales figures. Here it states "While Hollywood blockbusters such as "The Hangover"generate far more proceeds on VOD than "Arbitrage" (the Bradley Cooper comedy had estimated VOD revenue of more than $34 million), the numbers for Gere's Wall Street thriller are remarkable because the film was available both in theaters and on VOD from the very start — a process known as a day-and-date release. Most films appear on pay-per-view outlets months after their theatrical premiere."


Paul Tyler