Play for Free (and then spend some money)

Play for Free event hosted by DK MEDIA Desk Denmark and DADIU, explored the potential of the 'free lunch' within the business of selling computer games. Started brilliantly, although I'm not too sure if developer Simon Jon Andreasen or games magazine journalist Morten Skovgaard would agree. Simon's push to open up the platforms (XBox, PS etc.) felt sincere and forward thinking, but possibly a little niave. Would he also insist that LEGO and Tivoli allow 3rd parties to setup shop and operate within their walls without operating under license_ Morten held the arguement until it was suggested that the market needed his skills in order to know what it should like. A little like asking turkeys vote for Christmas.

Best quotes of the day.

"We've done this event before, but this is the first time we've charged and it's the most popular yet." ...Ene Katrine Rasmussen DFI

"The user can always leave bad games." ...Teut Weidemann.

Photos of some of the slides can be viewed here.

And... according to some within the music industry, the games industry has  it covered. Listen to this 11 minute item on the BBC Radio Art's Programme 'Front Row' exploring the issues over illegal music sharing and how it could learn from the emerging service culture generated by some games. Ironic really that this piece is coming from a BBC radio programme, a free service provided by the UK television license fee - something you haven't had to pay if you simply own a radio...of course global access to this content via the web has thrown up a whole host of other questions.

Paul Tyler