Venice, IT: Mapping character constellations and character arcs for Venice Biennale College Cinema. Oct 2016

Client's goal: To work with the participants and help them structure their stories.
Participants & Projects: 
•Clementine - Lara Jean Gallagher (director, USA), Karina Ripper (producer, USA)
•Inaccessible - Loran Bonnardot (director, France), Jean des Forêts (producer, France
•Killer? - David White (director, New Zealand), James Ashcroft (producer, New Zealand)
•Lala - Ludivica Fales (director Italy) Igor Princic (producer, Italy)
•Film di Confine - Giorgio Ferrero (director, Italy), Federico Biasin (producer, Italy)
•In the Making - Kristoffer Borgli (director, Norway), Riina Zachariassen (producer, Denmark)
•The Anthill - Hanna van Niekerk (director, The Netherlands) - Maarten Kuit (leading producer, The Netherlands). Producer attending the workshop: Charlotte Sarneel.
•Lightning Ridge - Alena Lodkina (director, Australia), Kate Laurie (producer, Australia)
• Martyr - Mazen Khaled (director, Lebanon), Diala Kachmar (producer, Lebanon) 
• Mirny Mining Town - Saverio Pesapane (director, Italy), Costanza Julia Bani (producer, Italy), Fabian Martin Diering (Germany).Producer attending the workshop: F.M. Diering
• Night/vision - Eva Weber (director, Germany), Nicole Stott (producer, United Kingdom)
• Voice of Silence - EuiJeong Hong (director, South Korea), Afolabi Kuti (producer, United Kingdom)
Point of contact: Savina.Neirotti, Jane Williams & Michel Reilhac


Paul Tyler