Stadtbredimus, LU: Mapping story structure for Script Development Workshop. April 2017

Writer, director Thomas Arslan (left) & writer Tullio Forgiarini (right)

Client: SOURCES2

Client Goal: To illuminate new approaches to story development by working with each of the groups and provide creative tools and individual advice.

Participants, mentors and guest lecturers will be nationals from seventeen countries: Albania, Argentina, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, France, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Miguel Gómez-Tejedor, Stephen Hutton, Caroline Kox, Tullio Forgiarini, Bady Minck, Nina Blazin, Jani Sever, Robert Herzl, Sébastien Kühne, Milica Živanović, Matthias Nerlich, Chantal Schaul, Eileen Byrne, Élodie Malanda, Nicolas Neuhold, Dodo Hunziker, Yared Zeleke, Eva Tomanová, Jiří Konečný, Zvonimir Munivrana, Andamion Murataj, Renars Vimba & Aija Berzina.

Fifteen feature film and creative documentary projects have been selected for participation.
During the seven-day session writers, directors and producers will develop their feature film projects and receive professional training. Participants will work in three groups led by Miguel Machalski (France/Argentina), Eric Collins (France) and Michael Seeber (Austria). The workshop will be followed by a coached three-month re-writing period and a follow-up session.

Point of contact: Marion Gompper, Associate Programme Director.

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Paul Tyler