Malmö, SE: Mapping interactive documentaries for iFLAB. August 2016

Client: iDrops 
Client's goal: To work with all of the particpants of the DESIGN BOOSTER iFlab programme and map put their concepts in development. In their words "!F Lab is Interactive Factual Lab - a guided development process for the next generation of storytellers.  It is a space for new ideas, experimentation and coproduction across digital and creative forms. The output could be an app, a game, a VR project, a web-docs or something still to be invented. We bring you step by step from ideation to prototyping your projects."

Projects & Participants:
NOISM - Christiana Chiranagnostak
WOMEN IN BETWEEN - Georgia Tsimetzoglou
PROPHECY - Ana Maria De Jesus
AVA & TRIX - Jill Vanparys
#YOLO - Hervé Verloes, Kevin Hauzeur and Jean Louis Decoster
4 genRElations Women - Paula Onet
Target: BACRIM  - Mathew Charles and Brad Gyori
Narrators of History - Hanna Partanen
From Arvika to Alcoi - Tinna Joné
Point of contact: Sandra Gaudenzi, iDrops


Paul Tyler