Herrsching, Germany: HI provides creative tools for European script consultants. Oct '13

Used three case studies to demonstrate how mapping and visualising a film can ease collaboration, activate input, highlight flaws, gain perspective, increase retention as well as revealling status, hierachy, conflict, goals etc. 

As per their website "Sources 2 Projects & Process – Training Mentors for European Screenwriters / Training Mentors for Documentary Filmmakers is an intense training programme which shares the Sources 2 project and process philosophy, its mentoring approach and methodology with professionals. In addition, it offers a forum for an exchange and evaluation of experience among professionals....This workshop is specifically geared towards professionals working as mentors for screenwriters and/or documentary filmmakers in the field of script and story development, such as screenwriters, developers, script editors, producers, commissioning editors, trainers, and decision makers."

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Paul Tyler