Marseille, France: Michel Reilhac runs sessions for PRIMI. Dec '14.

Michel writes:

"In Marseille, south of France, the PRIMI organization is a publicly funded service for media producers in the French mediterranean coast area, designed to help them learn digital skills, network locally, nationally and internationally, as well as to facilitate co-productions, financing and distribution of their projects.They are strongly committed to spreading awareness and practice of interactive storytelling techniques.

To that effect they asked me to come for a day on December 9, 2014, and share the Handling Ideas wisdom with 4 transmedia project teams.

Each session was 80 minutes. This time I did not use any legos, just toys, things, stuff I collected.We all had a blast. I believe all 4 projects came out of their session with a better understanding of their project. What struck me particularly this time was how far apart some of the participants in one same project were. They each had developped their own images, focussing each on a completely different aspect of the otherwise complex project. They argued a lot around the choices of the objects to place on the table. They were very involved and at some points the discussion was quite agressive (Marseille is a city were people are "hotblooded" as we say ...). But in the end they all agreed and that was liberating, even soothing for all..."


Paul Tyler