Paris, France. Mapping and visualisation used at first gathering of HQV media practitioners. Sept '13

Handling Ideas spent the day in Paris with the independent storytelling writer and director Michel Reilhac. Michel is currently working on his own interactive feature & multi device project involving a team of seven creative talents: Pierre Cattan as interactive designer, Bruno Masi as script writer, Eric Viennot as game designer, Fabrice Rouaud as matrix designer, Delphine Lehericey as fiction director, Pierre Morath as documentary director and himself as story architect/experience designer. The project has a working code title of " HQV" and it’s being produced by Elzevir Films (Denis Carot & Marie Masmonteil) and Small bang (Pierre Cattan) in Paris, and Entre CHIEN et LOUP (Diana Elbaum) in Brussels. Jean Pierre Magro (Malta) and Dean O Toole are associate producers . It had its first development at the Writers Room, Torino Film Lab. 

Handling Ideas worked with the team to map out the underlying theme and explore how this played out within the various parts of the offering.

Paul Tyler