Ghent, Belgium. Handling Ideas asked back to design and run 3 day museum lab. Sept '13.

It's always nice to be asked back to create and run a lab.

This will be Handling Ideas fourth time it has created something for the Ghent based company.

In their own words:

"MuseumLAB Ghent is a three day creative LAB organised by iDROPS in collaboration with FARO, the Flemish Interface Institution for Cultural Heritage. In this LAB you will meet creative professionals and explore unexplored paths. You will spend three days exploring the potential of digital technologies to create magical experiences in museums, online and on location."

Read more about their lab here.

Jan Vansteenlandt's Open Data Presentation

Kasper Jordaens Open Data Presentation

Fiddian Warman's presentation (332Mb)

Handling Ideas presentation that built over the three days.

Paul Tyler