Genval, Belgium: Handling Ideas asked back to work on The Pixel Lab: The Cross-Media Workshop. 28 JUNE - 6 JULY '13

Nice to be going back to work with the guys from Power to the Pixel to work on their Pixel Lab. Delivering a presentaion on the value of insight within the concept development phase, followed by individual workshhops with the 16 teams taking part. Here we will map out, visualise and depending on their individual stage of development, protoype user scenarios in order to test out their concepts. Those taking part will be 'European media professionals with a strong track record in their particular industry sector'. 

In PttP's own words 'The Pixel Lab develops and hones the skills that all media professionals now need to create, produce and distribute cross-media stories in order to maximise audience engagement and monetise effectively. Teaching is led by the world’s top practitioners currently working in the cross-media and transmedia space through focused, project-driven work.

Past participants include European funders, commissioners, film/TV/games producers, writers, story architects, interactive designers, directors, format developers, arts professionals, advertising executives, developers…'


What people said: 

"Paul's methodology inspired me to dig deep and ask the necessary questions with regards to my project. The idea of visual play and using building blocks helped me to isolate the holes in my story and really see the issues glaring back at me. Along with the lego, of course, Paul's best tool is his ability to ask that burning question. The question that makes you stop and think, pull your hair out, but eventually go back to the beginning and better develop that brilliant idea. I only wish I had more time with the lego. Karen Shaw, Producer. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Paul has a great method to help authors of any kind of project to focus on their story. It's as simple as it is strong!" Robert Cibis, Filmmaker, Director and Producer, Berlin, Germany

"Dear Paul, you made us move little toys and choose colors and substances and feel like a 5-years old child, who is capable to think only about the most important things - good and bad, easy and difficult, dark and light. Your original methods of provoking the participants' imagination and ideas made us look at our projects from a new and curious angle and to connect as a group in a more engaging way. The game with the little objects helped me to deconstruct my project and clear out our motivation for doing it. You as a tutor encouraged me to get to a more ambitious level and the open the project for a wider potential audience. I am glad to have you as tutor at the Pixel Lab 2013!" Martichka Bozhilova, Producer, AGITPROP, Sofia.


Paul Tyler