Malmö & Helsingborg, Sweden: BoostHbg workshop for Skåne's 'exceptional emerging talent', 27 - 29 May '13.

Just got back from working with a bunch of talented Swedes in Malmö and Helsingborg all thanks to BoostHbg, a '3-year initiative based in Helsingborg that nurtures exceptional emerging talent within the moving image industry in Skåne.' As their website goes on to say their 'target group is primarily those who currently work within the field but who have not yet established their professional names in Skåne.'

The workshop kicked off with an open session with two projects laying themselves bare in the intimate setting of the Inkonst venue, Malmö. We then moved up the road to BoostHbg's HQ up in the Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg, locked the doors and spent two very intensive days exploring 8 very different projects.


Paul Tyler