Copenhagen, Denmark: Chocolate company uses Handling Ideas to help rebranding.

Chocolate company 'Chocolate and Love' hired Handling Ideas for the day to map out and visualize their journey from inception to point of purchase for its award-winning, premium organic fairly-traded range of chocolate.

A husband and wife combo created fluency in product history. Mapping helped chart this flow, revealing parameters that clearly shaped the success of the product and which should be used to help parameterize the new brand.

Luckily the day was peppered with tastings, which not only kept energies high, but also educated my palate to understand the complexity of the variety of flavours. As they say, chocolate could go the same way wine went back in the 80s, with the democratization of the tasting connoisseurs. 

Keep an eye on their website for the new name to be released. Oh and it's extremely good chocolate by the way. 


Paul Tyler