Helsingborg, Sweden: Boost brings HI back to coach five projects in development. Oct '13.

Second time around for Handling Ideas to run a session for Boost. This time with a number of projects in early stages of development. Spending around an hour and a half on each, we managed to get five projects out onto the table. From murderous teenagers, abused children, dead parents, class obsessed colleagues and computers on a death wish, we managed to map and visualize our way through a plethora of storylines.

Working with Jonna Nilsson, Andreas Climent, André Hedetoft, Charlotte Nilsson, Sofie Palage and Sergey Vasiliev and additional support from Zara Waldeback (writer of 'The Creative Screenwriter') and Film i Skåne's Hanna Sohlberg.

Taken from Boost's website, they are "Skåne’s arena for talent development and innovation in transmedia and film. From it’s home in Dunkers Kulturhus and supported by the city of Helsingborg and Region Skåne, BoostHbg has been a leader in transmedia in Scandinavia since 2009. Through its unique approach, BoostHbg has worked to both develop and enhance skills in the industry, as well as support film and transmedia projects via its many labs, international cooperation, and support in the form of scholarships, coaches, equipment and facilities."

Paul Tyler