Gileleje, Denmark: High Five for Kids: The Holy Trinity of (Trans)media

Perhaps I should set myself a rule. After brazenly expressing a theory more than three times, I should have the balls to publish. Two weeks ago I worked on Nordisk TV go Film Fund & Power to the Pixel's 'High Five for Kids' five day lab. Nuno Bernardo (Sofia's Diary, Final Punishment, Flatmates) underlined the distinction between a financing plan (soft money through funding bodies) and a business plan (getting your customers to pay for your stuff). An obvious distinction perhaps, but one which forced the attending project producers to re-qualify their plans. As an afterthought, I figured that whilst in the past, producers in film and TV faced the similar and opposing needs needs of their creative and the financing plans, now a third set of needs was redefining their work. So I've bravely/naively coined the phrase 'the holy trinity of transmedia' as a way to capture the space in which I believe producers are now having to operate. It seems, at least, a useful frame onto which we can map out all of the challenges facing the entertainment industry.   

Paul Tyler