Tatort-Eifel - Germany Crime Writing Conference - Cologne

19.9.09 Presentation available to view through Prezi

Mario Giordano and I presentated at Germany's Crime writing conference, Tatort-Eifel, 19/9/09. The spiel..."The term 'interactive drama' has been banded around for so long that it feels like a fish past its sell-by-date. The notion that users can contribute to a drama without breaking the sacred bit, the 'story' has yet to be proved. And yet attempts are being made and crime fiction appears to be a likely area to be exploited. Especially children do use the so called "new media" objectively and naturally. So what’s happening inside and outside Germany? What new genres are emerging? How can writers exploit new technologies, develop new forms of story and benefit in the process?

This session - focused on content for young users - =provides an overview and will also challenge the audience to start creating. Sadly I left out a very strong example of how branching narratives can sit within the seemingly limitless options of a video serviing portal, such as YouTube "

Paul Tyler