Re-blog "Brand building in Difficult Denmark"

27th March 2008 - Interesting talk at the British Embassy here in Kph last night. “David Adams has more than 20 years experience in the fields of Branding and Innovation. Many of these being spent travelling the world with international heavyweights such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Kelloggs and Guinness. Since 1995, Denmark has been his home, and from this base he works with a portfolio of leading Danish-international companies including Novozymes, Oticon, Coloplast, Novo Nordisk, LEGO and ECCO. David has sat on the Brand Board for the Danish Marketing Forum, and lectures regularly on Branding.”

Standout comments:

1) Guilt marketing doesn’t work in DK. A predominantly individualistic attitude prompts a more ‘what’s in it for me?’ behaviour. Most Danes see themselves and their fellow countrymen as being very outward and socially orientated and surprised by the suggestion that they are one of the most individually centered countries, only being beaten by the UK. Source:

2) Interested in social issues, as long as there’s something in it for the indivual - ‘how will this affect me?’

3) Testimonials are more effective in DK as audience is one of the most sceptical in the world.

4) Danes prefer to underpromise and overperform.

5) Danes prefer to back the underdog and are turned off by gloating champions - a brand dies in DK once it claims to be the best - Telia suffered that some years back. Danes like to challenge those at the top, a product of a very well educated society.

6) Danes will pay their way out of things - they consume conveniance. Perhaps this is why there are so many bicycle repair shops.

7) Danes will live in balance throughout their lives. E.g. average age for All Bran consumption outside Dk is 55, inside DK around 30. Outside DK, people try to compensate late in life for the glutany before, however Danes, in particular women, tend to maintain balance throughout and therefore live healthier earlier.

8) Highest average age (over 30) for first time mothers, in the world. Caused Pampers to change models in advertising as 20 year old mums tended to look like big sister.

9) Highest internet penetration and a lust for news, local and international.

10) David Adams advice to companies trying to establish brands in DK. “If they belive you in DK, they’ll believe you anywhere in the world”.