An outsider's impartial and highly analytical approach that

  • identifies business goals against business activities
  • maps customers journeys, stakeholder relationships & organisational structures
  • prototypes concepts, stories & formats
  • defines the pitch
  • brings a team together





Paul Tyler works with CEO's, managers, designers, communicators, marketeers, writers, directors and producers on strategy, products, services, campaigns, organizational structures, workflow, TV-formats, dramas, documentaries and games.



You can not afford to waste time, energy or know-how. Mapping ensures your team is aligned and able to develop with all insight and strategy in one, manageable space, reducing the time it takes to make decisions.


Paul Tyler has helped over 80 international companies, spanning 21 countries. Full case study list since 2012 ]



About Paul Tyler

2006, Paul moved from London to Copenhagen. Building on twelve years of BBC television & digital production experience, he started working with international companies to develop concepts. He realised that project teams working in corporate, public and cultural sectors were wasting huge amounts of time, energy and money. Paul set out to change that and developed this interview and mapping technique.

Nominated for a BAFTA (2005), BBC Creativity Award (2004) and Association of Online Publishers award (2005), Paul went on to win the Prix Jeunesse (2006) web award for the BBC’s flagship cross-media show, BAMZOOKi, the show he originated, studio directed and produced. He co-set-up the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology’s Digital Concept Development graduate programme in 2010. He originates from London, lives and works out of Copenhagen and holds a BSc. (Hons) Physiology with the History and Theory of Art & Design.