Paul Tyler saves a lot of people* time, money & effort by asking the questions that get everyone onto the same page.

 *Communicators, Marketeers, Sellers, Designers, Policy Makers and Media Makers including Film Writers, Directors, Producers, TV, Interactive & Games Developers. See full list of clients since 2012.

senior managers & leaders looking to undertstand their businesses.

managers helping their teams learn from one another's way of working.

account managers to extract the most relevant information from a client brief.

researchers to identify the best areas for investigation.

developers to identify the significant parts within research findings. 

creatives to get their stories, formats or games sense checked. 

sales teams to pinpoint the core of a pitch. 

and managers to test their business models.


giving negotiators an overview of a deal in respect to all the different parties' needs and motives.

and supporting managers and teams working across a number of different silos and/or with different nationalities. 



Paul Tyler has driven innovation through over 370 projects for more than 65 companies across 15 countries. He has helped the likes of Adobe (EMEA), (DK), Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (UK), Media Business School (ES), European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (LU), the Danish & Swedish Film Institutes (DK) & (SE), Eyeworks TV (DK), The Royal Academy of Arts (UK) and three out of the four top ranked television stations in China – Hunan, Zhejiang & Anhui TV. [ Full List of clients since 2012 ]

Back in 2006 Paul Tyler moved to Copenhagen to turn his twelve years of television and web production experience at the BBC to help others across Europe develop new concepts. It soon became clear that project teams working across a wide range of corporate, public and cultural sectors were wasting a huge amount of time, energy and money in the way they developed projects. He set out to change that.

Paul Tyler has developed the Handling Ideas method to give team members, no matter the skills or cultural background, a common language by creating a common knowledge and a clear understanding of their project’s goal and the different steps to that goal. 

Paul Tyler originates from London and has over twenty-four years of work experience. After acquiring a BSc. (Hons) Physiology with the History and Theory of Art & Design in 1990, Paul started working first in theatre and then onto television and the web.

Nominated for a BAFTA (2005), BBC Creativity Award (2004) and Association of Online Publishers award (2005), Paul went on to win the Prix Jeunesse (2006) web award for originating, directing and producing the BBC’s flagship cross-media show BAMZOOKi. Having settled in Copenhagen, he co-set-up the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology’s e-Concept Development graduate programme in 2010. He is the founder of Handling Ideas.