Charleroi, Belgium: Mapping out storyworlds to identify stories for new innovation lab. March 2017

Client: R/O Institute is, in their words "a storytelling institute that fosters the creation of original content and the acceleration of Narrative Intellectual Properties (NIP) built around tomorrow’s heroes and multiplatform storyverses."

Client's goal: The participants had already spent time investigation and exploring storywrolds, settings, subject areas, topics in which they wanted to generate stories. My task was to help them map out those worlds, ensure that the logic was robust and from that, identify the stories that they wanted to tell.

Point of contact: Domenico La Porta


Stadtbredimus, LU: Mapping story structure for Script Development Workshop. April 2017

Writer, director Thomas Arslan (left) & writer Tullio Forgiarini (right)

Client: SOURCES2

Client Goal: To illuminate new approaches to story development by working with each of the groups and provide creative tools and individual advice.

Participants, mentors and guest lecturers will be nationals from seventeen countries: Albania, Argentina, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, France, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Miguel Gómez-Tejedor, Stephen Hutton, Caroline Kox, Tullio Forgiarini, Bady Minck, Nina Blazin, Jani Sever, Robert Herzl, Sébastien Kühne, Milica Živanović, Matthias Nerlich, Chantal Schaul, Eileen Byrne, Élodie Malanda, Nicolas Neuhold, Dodo Hunziker, Yared Zeleke, Eva Tomanová, Jiří Konečný, Zvonimir Munivrana, Andamion Murataj, Renars Vimba & Aija Berzina.

Fifteen feature film and creative documentary projects have been selected for participation.
During the seven-day session writers, directors and producers will develop their feature film projects and receive professional training. Participants will work in three groups led by Miguel Machalski (France/Argentina), Eric Collins (France) and Michael Seeber (Austria). The workshop will be followed by a coached three-month re-writing period and a follow-up session.

Point of contact: Marion Gompper, Associate Programme Director.

All sessions for this client: 

Galway, Ireland. Project mapping for Irish writers and programme makers. March 17

Client: Creative Europe Ireland Desk

Client's goal: To work on seven projects over two days. Projects were a mix of fiction and documenary where the focus was on mapping character constellations and story universe logic. One additional session worked with Siobhan Ní Ghadhra to look at development direction and opportunities for the company Danú Media. In the words of Creative Europe "This unique workshop with Paul Tyler will help writers, producers, directors and other creatives to discover new ways of developing stories." (see news post)

Participants: Finn Van Gelderen (Overcoat Films), Brendan Culleton & Irina Maldea ( Akajava Films), Niall Heery, Marcin Ostasz, Siobhán Ní Ghadhra (Danú MEDIA), Kevin Glynn (Big Idea Films) & Leeona Duff (Up On Blue Bridge Productions Ltd.)

Point of contact: Eibhlín Ní Mhunghaile, Deasc na hEorpa Cruthaithí Éire – Oifig MEDIA Gaillimh / Creative Europe Desk Ireland


Amsterdam, NL: Working with Dutch production company Submarine on feature film development. March 17

Client: Submarine

Client Goal: To work with the writer Helena van der Meulen, producer Sabine Veenendaal and dramaturge Annemarie Siemons on a feature film (fiction) that's currently in development. I met Helena at two different SOURCES2 workshops - Training for Mentors programme & Script Development Workshop back in 2015. Helena wanted a session to work directly on a US-Dutch coproduction she had in her hands. 

Point of contact: Sabine Veenendaal & Helena van der Meulen.


Amsterdam, NL: Story development for virtual Reality for Venice Biennale. March 2017

Flavio Costa (left) & Laura Catalano (right).

Client: Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality.

Client goal: Fifth time (2013, 2015 & 2016) working with participants of a Biennale lab, this time helping them structure their stories within the context of Virtual Reality. In the words of their website "Last January La Biennale launched the first edition of the Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality, with the intent of selecting 9 teams composed of a director and a producer, who will work on the development of Virtual Reality projects lasting between 10 and 20 minutes, supporting them along the way through every aspect of the creative process, the production and the process of building an audience, identifying target markets and finding funding. 

Participants: The 9 projects selected for this first edition (director/producer) are:
·  Chromatica (Flavio Costa, Italy / Laura Catalano, Italy)
·  Dinner Party (Angel Soto, Puerto Rico / Charlotte Stoudt, USA)
·  Ice Cave (Maja Friis, Denmark / Sara Namer, Denmark)
·  Dilemma (Camille Duvelleroy, France / Laurent Duret, France)
·  Matryoshka Mon Amore (Nir Saar, Israel / Kevin Molloy, UK)
·  Spomenik (Ivan Knezevic, Serbia / Mirko Topalski, Serbia)
·  The Warship  (Erika del Mundo, Philippines / Jack Weinstein, USA)
·  The Little Black Pawn (Quentin de Cagny, France / Francois Bouille, France)
·  The Neighbour (Romero Rudolf Borgar, The Netherlands / Esther Rots, The Netherlands)
Of the 9 projects that will be developed during the workshop, 2 VR projects will receive a contribution towards production of € 30,000 each thanks to the support of Sony Corporation, and will subsequently be presented at the 74th Venice International Film Festival 2017."
Point of contact: Savina.Neirotti, Jane Williams & Michel Reilhac.

Copenhagen, DK: Mapping out early stage development for interdisciplinary project concepts. March 2017


Client goal: Third year (2014, 2015) working with the participants of the lab to bring their ideas to life. Mapping out intial concepts in order to flush out themes and help build on the ideas. In their words "CPH:LAB is CPH:DOX’s talent development and production programme that encourages creative risk taking, celebrates raw talent, facilitates collaboration across borders and business sectors and supports frontrunners within the film industry to push the existing boundaries of filmmaking as we know it. Since 2009 the lab has established itself as a highly acknowledged, ambitious and yet playful laboratory-style talent scheme showing great results."

Projects & Participants:
Deep Dream of Democracy - Ester Martin Bergsmark, Anastasis Germanidis
Schamanic Journey in VR - Pia Jensen, Luca Tóth
Worlds Apart - Mazdak Nassir, Alexander Wilson
Room 642a - Brian Chirls, Brett Gaylor, Henrik Moltke
Zoltar speaks - Callum Cooper, Hang Do Thi Duc 
Portraits - Leah Borromeo, Alyce Currier
Textures of Consciousness - Michelangelo Frammartino
Scifi Tribal Machine - Katrin Olafsdottir, Simon Lajboschitz & Team
Point of contact: Susanne Marian & Katrine Kiilgaard, Deputy Director, Industry & Training.



Client: European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, EAVE, is a professional training, project development and networking organization for audiovisual producers.

Client’s goal: To work on eight feature and documentary projects that are currently in development with writers and producers. To explore the relationships between the characters and map their journeys.

Point of contact: Kristina Trapp, Jani Thiltges & Satu Elo.



Copenhagen, DK: Mapping production pipeline for European Environment Agency. Feb 2017

Client: Second time back (Sept 2016) to work with the European Environment Agency In the words of their website "The European Environment Agency provides sound, independent information on the environment for those involved in developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental policy, and also the general public. In close collaboration with European Environmental Information and Observation Network and its 33 member countries, the EEA gathers data and produces assessments on a wide range of topics related to the environment."

Client goal: To map out the commissioning, flow and production of materials within the organisation in relation to future needs.

Point of contact: Brendan Killeen, Head of Group Communications Planning and Editing at European Environment Agency.


Biarritz, France: Moderating conference on technologies that take storytelling beyond the screen. Jan 2017

Client: Festival De Programmes Audiovisuels. FIPA. Fifth time back to work with SMART FIPA (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

Speakers and talks:

(A) HOLOLENS: THE AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE - David Dedeine, Creative Director and founder at Asobo studio, Bordeaux, France

(B) HAPTOCLONE - HOLOGRAMS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Yasutoshi Makino, Lecturer in the University of Tokyo, Japan

(C) BIGGER THAN FICTION - Martin Morales is currently the development officer at Bigger Than Fiction

(D) FAR BEYOND THE SCREEN, THE AUGMENTED MAN? - Woodrow Barfield is Professor Emeritus from the University of Washington

(E) SIGHTCORE - Theo Gevers, Professor in computer vision at the University of Amsterdam and co-founder of Sightcorp

(F) BRAIN / MACHINE INTERFACES - Anatole Lécuyer, senior researcher, and head of Hybrid team, at Inria, Rennes. 

(G) Elisabeth Andre - Professor of Computer Science at Augsburg University, Germany,  Founder of the Lab for Human-Centered Multimedia

(H) ETHICS & TECHNOLOGY - Vincenzo Susca is Associate professor in Sociology of imagery at the University Paul-Valéry, McLuhan Fellow at the University of Toronto, Researcher at Ceaq, Sorbonne, Director of Les Cahiers européens de l’imaginaire, CNRS éditions.

Projects & Participants: Halcyon - (Canada) - Mehrad Noori, VR Noir: A Day Before The Night - (Australia) - Rhiannon Monks, Tantale - (France) - Jérémy Pouilloux, Mental - (Finland) - Hyppe SalmiLa Grande histoire d'un petit trait - (France) - Laurent Durect  & Camille Duvelleroy, The Fight for falluja - (USA) - Ben C. Solomon & Jenna Pirog , #Hacked - (UK) - Nataly Rios, I Spy - (Nouvelle zélande / Canada) - Irena Dol , Flint is a Place (US) - Liza Faktor , Amours Interdites - (France) - Severine Bardon, Zero Impunity (France) - Nicolas Blies and Stéphane Hueber-Blies . 

Client goal: Prep projects that were in competition and moderate two day conference.

Point of contact: Christopher Canalis


A very Merry Christmas from Handling Ideas


Copenhagen,DK: Mapping out business/value model for national documentary promoter. Dec 2016

Client: DOXBIO presents a program of documentary films, which can be seen in cinemas all over the country. The purpose of DOXBIO is to bring the documentary to the Danish cinemas, not only in the major cities, but throughout the country.

Client Goal: To explore the business/value model of DOXBIO and to create a single frame of reference for the board from which they could strategise over a future, common way forward.

Point of contact: Katrina Schelin, Distributionschef.


Copenhagen, DK: Facilitating Hackathon for Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole. Nov 2016

Client: Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole
Client's goal: To facilitate the students as they embarked on a three day hackathon looking into Online Radicalisation. To intorduce the students to the Handling Ideas approach in order to help them as they deconstructed their client's problem area, identify areas for potentail opportunities and prototype solutions. 
Point of contact: Mike Brandt, Adjunkt (Lecturer), Kreativ Kommuniktion (Creative Communication), DMJXKK /



Cologne, DE: Mapping projects for Master’s program Digital Narratives. Nov 2016

Client: ifs internationale filmschule köln gmbh
Client's goal: To work with the students of the Master's program to map out their interactive projects at an early stage of their development. "The MA Digital Narratives is an artistic and academic full-time study program that centers on the students’ narrative projects. In the combination of theory and practice, the program enables the development of innovative projects and a critical discourse on digitization."
Point of contact: Marc Minneker, ifs internationale filmschule köln gmbh



Aarhus, DK: Mapping out Creatiuve Tastebuds event for City of Culture 2017. Nov 2016

Client: Smag for Livet, Nordeafonden, Aarhus University and Kulturby Aarhus presents 2017 symposium on the rethinking of taste - Creative Tastebuds
Client's goal: Threefold:
(i) to map the two day programme of activies with the team.
(ii) to brief and explore with the four creative moderators - chef and food artist, Marije Vogelzang, food journalist Mark Schatzker, CF Møller architect Lone Wiggers & chef Thorsten Schmidt format and content.
(iii) to moderate the event in September, 2017.
Point of contact: Susanne Højlund Pedersen, Anthropologist, Aarhus University



Copenhagen, DK: Facilitating round tables with Nordisk Film & TV commissioning heads. Nov 2016

Client: Nordisk Film og TV Fond (previous work with client - Nordic Talents x 5 and coaching presentation technique.)
Client's goal: To design and run a series of round tables that would bring all the partners and chief commissioners from the Nordic world of film and TV together. Focus was on extracting as much insight from the group so as to drive future strategy for the fund.

Point of contact: Petri Kemppinen, CEO



Copenhagen, DK: Giving Marketing & Communication students the overview on negotiating. Oct 2016 

Client's goal: To deliver a two hour lecture and workshop on how to negotiate.
Point of contact: Martin Bille-Hansen, Instructor Digital Marketing - Digital Concept Development 

Turin, IT: Mapping out communication strategy for European Training Foundation. Oct 2016

Client: European Training Foundation is a decentralised agency of the European Union based in Turin, Italy. 
Client's goal: To map out stakeholders, inc. primary and secondary audiences as well as those providing data/info/insights and to build by adding the various objectives, channels and key messages. This 'helicopter' perspective on your world, will allow us to ask the strategic questions to the table, for instance how best to optimise your work, what opportunities lie within this system, what challenges will you have to tackle and what's being ignored. Once we capture one single frame of reference, then the questions will come by themselves. By doing this, we should then be able to establish what needs to be improved by way of stratgey and how it can be captured.
Point of contact: Joanna Anstey, Communication Coordinator, Communication Department.

Copenhagen,DK: Mapping projects for Denmark's Gaming academy. Oct 2016

Client: DADIU
Client's goal: 3rd year back (2013 & 2014) Work with project teams to map out their gameplay for projects in development.
PM and AD: 100% (7 of 8) evaluates as ‘ok’ and above (hereof 6 as very good)
Lead Programmers: 100% (2 of 3) evaluates as ‘good’  and above 
Game designers: 100% (5 of 5) evaluates as ‘good’  and above (hereof 4 as ‘very good’)
Game directors. 100% (4 of 4) evaluates as ‘very good’
Point of contact: Thomas Howalt

Venice, IT: Mapping character constellations and character arcs for Venice Biennale College Cinema. Oct 2016 

Client's goal: To work with the participants and help them structure their stories.
Participants & Projects: 
•Clementine - Lara Jean Gallagher (director, USA), Karina Ripper (producer, USA)
•Inaccessible - Loran Bonnardot (director, France), Jean des Forêts (producer, France
•Killer? - David White (director, New Zealand), James Ashcroft (producer, New Zealand)
•Lala - Ludivica Fales (director Italy) Igor Princic (producer, Italy)
•Film di Confine - Giorgio Ferrero (director, Italy), Federico Biasin (producer, Italy)
•In the Making - Kristoffer Borgli (director, Norway), Riina Zachariassen (producer, Denmark)
•The Anthill - Hanna van Niekerk (director, The Netherlands) - Maarten Kuit (leading producer, The Netherlands). Producer attending the workshop: Charlotte Sarneel.
•Lightning Ridge - Alena Lodkina (director, Australia), Kate Laurie (producer, Australia)
• Martyr - Mazen Khaled (director, Lebanon), Diala Kachmar (producer, Lebanon) 
• Mirny Mining Town - Saverio Pesapane (director, Italy), Costanza Julia Bani (producer, Italy), Fabian Martin Diering (Germany).Producer attending the workshop: F.M. Diering
• Night/vision - Eva Weber (director, Germany), Nicole Stott (producer, United Kingdom)
• Voice of Silence - EuiJeong Hong (director, South Korea), Afolabi Kuti (producer, United Kingdom)
Point of contact: Savina.Neirotti, Jane Williams & Michel Reilhac



Copenhagen, DK: Mapping communication strategies for European Environment Agency. Sept 2016

Client's goal: Run a two day workshop for an editors event that would create a single capture of the challenges facing communication within the digital world. 
Point of contact: Brendan Killeen